Inclusion in creative and fun art projects can significantly affect the child’s mind, which can shape it positively! Not just motor skills, but participating in such activities can help kids relax and come out of their comfort zone.

Dealing with special needs kids is pretty amazing, as all they need and give is love. Studies have shown that exposure to interesting and fun art projects can help these children develop socially as well as mental, behavioural skills.

Here are some fun art projects parents and teachers can do with their special kids and help them learn something new every day.

1. Natural Art 

Natural art is the best healing therapy that brings kids closer to nature while they can have fun. Also, the project doesn’t involve a lot of things, and all you need is a set of watercolours, a paintbrush, and some fallen leaves.

Stick the leaves to the canvas board and ask the kids to draw their shapes. You can even ask the children to replicate the leaves on the canvas. As per studies, painting has more than seven benefits for brain development, which makes it essential for kids with special needs.

2. Cupcake Decorating or Baking Cookies 

Who doesn’t love cookies? Well, kids love it the most! What they will even find interesting is decorating the cupcake before munching it with their team. 

Moreover, it’s a great way to introduce kids to cooking, and they can learn more about how things work in the kitchen. It would be great to have a 60-minute timer by your side so that you can teach kids how time plays a critical role in cooking.

If baking cookies is not an option, bring some fresh undecorated cupcakes from the local bakery, and ask the children to show their creativity. 

3. Design Your Own T-shirts 

As you know, painting has a lot of benefits for a kid’s mental health, so designing t-shirts is another creative and fun art project to do with special needs kids. You can use the same watercolours you used for painting leaves and just get some plain t-shirts.

Organise competition between the children, and reward the winner with something amazing. It’ll help kids relax, while they will get even more interested in the task after knowing about the reward.

Put a 60-minute timer, and ask everyone to show their creativity. Kids can wear these t-shirts to show others, and it’ll be fun.

4. Create Artefacts with Play Dough 

Kids who have ASD will find this art project helpful in developing their motor skills. It helps kids improve their concentration while they can show their creativity by making different structures. 

Introduce playdough to the kids, and tell them how it changes its shape as we want. The kids will definitely enjoy this project and can spend a few hours making different things.

5. Sandpaper Art 

This activity will have your kid move around, which helps in developing motor skills. Get a box of multi-coloured crayons and crush them individually. Now spread the powder on sandpaper, and ask the kids to chalk around with a loofah.

This creative and fun art project can help children learn, grow, and is beneficial for kids with autism.


Art can liberate the kids while helping them excel at certain disciplines. Moreover, all the projects mentioned here are fun, and parents can participate with their kids. 

Just watch out for the children when they are doing these activities and appreciate them for what they do.