When it comes to caring for your art hose, there are tasks you need to manage to keep your artworks protected. You have to make an extra effort in order to maintain the artworks in good condition.

Having an art house implies that you make some mess considering that you are dealing with different kinds of arts. You have to make space for the artworks that you want to display. And then you have a storage room for pieces of arts that are piled up. However, it doesn’t mean that your space should be in constant chaos. Just as you love taking care of your arts, you should also be taking care of the space where you place your work of arts.

Here are some tips for keeping your art studio clean, tidy and hygienic.

Donate some stuff

If you want to keep your space tidy, then you have to get rid of some clutter. The easiest thing to do is donate the things you no longer use or need. For example, if you have unused paints, paintbrushes and other craft materials, you can donate these things to elementary schools, community centres and even churches.

Find organisations in your local area that accept this kind of donation. Make sure that the things you donate can actually be used. Paint Brushes with dried paint on them are no longer useful for anyone. So upon decluttering, put up two boxes, one for things to be donated and one for things that are no longer usable. Check if the things that are longer good to use can be recycled so you can bring them to the recycling depot.

Use storage to organise

Vertical storage is good, especially if you have a small space and your studio is crammed with lots of pieces of artworks. What you can do is install storage all the way up to your ceiling. Also, have different shelvings for different kinds of supplies. For examples, keel all the animals and other fasteners in one drawer while keeping the pencils and pens in another drawer or storage space. 

Organise your artworks by separating the projects that are already finished and those items that are not yet completed. You can frame the completed artwork and hang them in your space for display. On the other hand, cover with plastic the projects that are not yet completed to keep them protected from dust and dirt.

When you organise your thing properly, you will have an easy time finding the things you need. You also need to return the things to where you found them. This is a simple practice yet can make a big difference in the long run.

Hire professional cleaners

If you are an artist, you spend most of your time in your studio to complete your works. You are also surrounded by supplies to create your work of art. Unfortunately, as time goes by, your space can become dirty and full of clutter, and you’ll find time to clean and sanitise your place.

The good thing is, there are professional cleaners from house cleaning Robina you can hire to clean your space. These professionals are trained and skilled, so they know how to deal with your artworks, so they stay protected. Not only they will remove the dirt and dust in your art studio, but they will also sanitise your space to remove bacteria and keep it hygienic.

If your art house is clean and tidy, it motivates you to keep going. You also don’t need to worry if you have visitors to check your artworks since your space is presentable and welcoming to accept your guests.