Often, we buy things we want and use them until they get damaged, broken, or even if until we no longer want them. Buying new items seem no longer is the new favourite of many. With the growing care for the environment, many people are now enthusiastic about repurposing items. 

Repurposing is one great way of helping the earth. By doing it, we help reduce the amount of waste that is going into landfills. It’s also a way of reducing the use of new materials to produce new items. The truth is, we really do not need too many things. And the things that we have can be reused to minimise our waste.

Repurposing means taking old items and turn them into something of other use. One example is olf picture frames. Repurposing old picture frames is something gratifying, and it can also satisfy your artsy side. You can turn an old picture frame or even broken frames into something clever and inspiring. If you are curious or in need of ideas on how to repurpose your old picture frames, we’ll share some project inspiration with you.


This is probably the easiest way to recycle or transform an old picture frame. What you can do is remove the glass from the frame. Give the frame a new look by spraying paint on it. Then attach some hooks into the upper edge of the frame, and you’re done. You can put this up on the wall near your doorway, or you can also attach it to one of your cabinets. You can design this keyholder frame that matches your interior design.


Making a candle holder out of old frames is really a cool idea. You will need three frames for this project. Remove the glass and spray new paint on it. Put the glass back and put glue on the inner edges of the frame and attach them vertically, forming a triangle. You can use cardboard to serve as the bottom of the triangle holder. Then you can put a scented candle inside and make it your night lamp. Aside from the candle, you put anything you want in it.

Serving tray

If you have a large frame, you can turn it into a pretty serving tray. Spray some paints on the edges and cover the glass with wrapping paper. Once the paint is dry, you can attach handles to each side of the frame and make it a functional serving tray. Not only you have a new serving tray, but you turn your waste into something that can be very useful.

These are three easy ideas for turning your old picture frames into something new for another use. There are hundreds of ideas you can find on the internet that ranges from easy to difficult ones. The good thing about repurposing old frames is that you are free to design them however you want. Since it’s your project, nobody can tell you which colour to use or what materials you can decorate it with. 

Aside from recycling or repurposing, there is another way you can do it with your old picture frames. You can bring them to your local recycling depot. By bringing them into recycling depots, you are maintaining the recycling system even if you are not the one doing it. Sometimes, picture frames can be considered hard to recycle because of the materials they are made of, like plastics and metals. If you find recycling these materials to be lengthy or costly, then you can contact your local recycling depot and ask them where you can drop off your old picture frames for the recycling process. 

By bringing old items into depots, improper recycling method can be avoided. Recycling depots use special machines like garbage compactor for sale that break down materials, separate them and turn them into a new material that industries can use to produce their product. One example is the paper industry. Papers can be created with the use of recycled materials. If the industry keeps on using recycled materials to produce their papers, then they can reduce the pollution they usually generate by almost 90%. 

The most important reason why recycling is encouraged is so we can avoid some materials ending up in landfills. And these materials contribute to the greenhouse gasses that are a major cause of global warming.

As consumers, each one of us is responsible for or the environment as well as the use of natural resources. If we recyle or repurpose our old items, we are actually helping the market in terms of the continuation of recycled programs. Not only that, but we are also helping preserve the natural resource so they won’t be abused. Above all, we are helping to reduce pollution, thus making the world a better place.